The highest paying tech jobs in 2018

Tech. You get into it because you’re passionate about it and the current rate of digital transformation excites you – and because it needs talent to keep going. The pay isn’t bad either and as you rise the career ladder (with the right company) you can quickly see a pay packet that’s worth getting up for.

As in most industries, it’s specialists who earn the most in the technology industry. Be it in fintech, medtech or agtech, those who specialise in a particular system or science are the ones blue chips and ambitious SMEs want on the books to stay ahead of the curve.

Simply put, businesses need talent and they’re willing to pay to get it. How much? Feast your eyes on the highest paying tech jobs in 2018:

1. Software engineering manager

Average salary: $163,500

Software engineering managers are responsible for overseeing the software engineering team who deal with an organisation’s software products. It’s a highly specialised role that’s responsible for all procedure and technical issues.

2. Data warehouse architect

Average salary:  $154,800

Data architects are responsible for designing, building and maintaining databases using logical, conceptual and physical data models to meet organisational needs. The role has become essential for blue chips to stay on top of data.

3. Software development manager

Average salary: $153,300

Software development managers lead the team responsible for developing and testing software within an organisation. The responsibilities are similar to the engineering manager but are more focused on overseeing the development of new software platforms.

4. Infrastructure architect

Average salary: $153,000

Infrastructure architects design, build, develop and maintain the IT systems within an organisation. These can include servers, data centres, cloud computing platforms, power management, converged systems and storage.

5. Applications architect

Average salary: $149,000

Applications architects are responsible for the deployment of web and cloud applications within a company and the development of new ones. They usually operate within one system and are responsible for its performance.

6. Software architect

Average salary: $145,400

Software architects are tasked with setting the overall plan and strategy for software that engineers will then deploy. This is a technical, specialised role that puts design choices and coding standards in the hands of the architect.

7. Technical program manager

Average salary: $145,000

Technical program managers are in charge of defined technical projects within an organisation. This is a unique role in the tech industry, focused on managing projects across multiple areas, including data centres, networking and capacity.

8. Cloud architect

Average salary: $130,000

Cloud architects are responsible for designing, building and deploying cloud computing strategy within an organisation. This is a specialised role with OS, networking, computer programming language and security knowledge essential.

9. Security architect

Average salary: $120,000

Security architects are responsible for maintaining the security of an organisation’s computer system. The role involves designing, building, testing and evolving IT security systems. Larger organisations typically have several architects to split these responsibilities.

10. Java architect

Average salary: $120,000

Java architects are responsible for designing, developing, upgrading and maintaining systems that support Java applications. The role requires the individual to be capable of delivering scalable Java-based solutions.


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